Automate and simplify your consolidated
management reporting process


Optimize the financial management of your Group

Well beyond statutory consolidation, Viareport Finance Cloud applications enable you to define different types of reporting for standardized comparative analyses (statutory consolidation, management reporting, budget, reforecast, plans, etc.), – analyses that are essential to the effective management of the Group’s core business.

Automate data loading from upstream systems


  • Accounting, analytical, HR or CRM data
  • Cross-reference mapping tables that can be enhanced in Excel
  • Capacity for managing large data volumes

Considerable flexibility in interfacing with upstream systems
Dynamic cross-reference mappings that are easy to maintain
Automatic loading of some or all reporting data

Scalable application easily adapted to your needs


  • Numerous analysis dimensions available: department, establishment, product, activity, geographical area, cost center, etc.
  • Loading of non-financial data and calculation of ratios
  • Loading of comments
  • Collection and consolidation of actual and forecast data

Bespoke configuration adapted to your business, analysis needs and publication formats
Development of the configuration based on your requirements
Simplified reconciliation of reporting and consolidated data

Numerous simulation and comparison possibilities

  • Comparative analysis of actual and forecast figures, e.g. with constant conversion rates and scopes
  • Consolidation and logging of different hierarchies, e.g. organizational, managerial, geographical
  • Full audit trail for all journal entries

Unlimited number of versions
Precise analysis of standardized contributive reports with statutory data
Flexibility as regards frequency and simulations

Numerous data retrieval and data analysis functionalities

  • Customized dashboards and reports, book generation, MS Excel or PDF publication
  • Quick design of one-off Web analyses
  • Simple and intuitive Excel add-in
  • Native connector to MS Power BI, with the easy design and distribution of dynamic dashboards, maps and charts

Wide range of tools adapted to each need, e.g. publication, one-off analyses, data retrieval in MS Office, on-the-fly audits, dashboards
Full real-time connectivity with Microsoft tools
Shorter production times and increased reporting reliability
Unified statutory consolidation and management reporting


Did you know…

Discover our complementary solutions.



Prepare your budgets based on operational cost drivers. Involve managers in the definition and loading of templates (HR, Procurement, Purchasing, etc.) in order to harmonize both management reporting and financial reporting.



Automate the production of your financial statements and facilitate the analysis and audit of consolidated accounts. Beside the easy-to-use full Web interface, our application also provides a scalable predefined configuration that is compliant with both French CRC 99-02 and IFRS.



Make the transition to IFRS 16 seamless using an innovative tool that centralizes all lease contracts and automates the posting of restatement entries.

Consolidated Reporting: FAQ

What data retrieval tables and dashboards are available in the Viareport solution ?

You should define and provide the templates for data retrieval tables and dashboards required for the management of your Group so that they can be implemented in your environment. If you wish, Viareport can assist you in creating the main data retrieval elements. We can also provide training to your employees so that you can design them yourself. If you require further information, please contact our Sales team at

Is there a limit to the number of reporting cycles that I can run with Viareport ?

You determine the frequency of your reporting cycle based on your needs. Regardless of whether it is yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily, Viareport can offer a solution that is adapted to your needs.

What are the benefits of a reporting ?

Businesses need to set up accurate and effective financial reporting so that they can monitor the financial performance of the company or of one of its components in a formalized way and take corrective measures to improve performance. It enables you to anticipate, manage and measure Group performance at regular intervals. It is very useful in facilitating strategic decision-making.

How do I reconcile operational and financial data ?

To automate this reconciliation, we propose that you integrate all operational and financial data from upstream accounting and operational systems using our solution. This will enable you to compare indicators in reports.