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Le 26 February 2020

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Manage your Leasing Contracts with Lease

Learn more about LEASE, our application dedicated to leasing!

LEASE is a cloud based application, easy to use and to roll out. It eases your workflow and your consolidation issues regarding the evolution of IFRS16 and IAS17standards.

Thanks to LEASE:

Centralization of your contracts for all your subsidiaries

Contract monitoring by events, and full traceability of records

Compliance with the all the standard requirements

Shorten production times & increase the reliability of your consolidation and reporting processes

Conso & Report helps you save time by simplifying each step in the consolidation process: Interface with upstream accounting systems, automatic data collection and controls, posting of consolidation entries, generation of consolidated financial statements and auditing of consolidation operations.

Thanks to Conso & Report:

Automate consolidation operations
Ensure the accuracy of your consolidation process
Publish and analyze consolidated accounts
Empower the different stakeholders at each step of your process

For any additional information send us a message : marketing@viareport.com

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